Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Orleans saints San Diego lightning team

In the NFL season a focal point in the war, the New Orleans saints team to 31-24 victory over the San Diego chargers. The saints team star quarterback Drew Brees completed a feat - career continuous and games have pass of array, break Johnny Unitas created in the 1960 s 47 field records, become the league keep continuous pass of array session most players. Boris again played a savior, to help the team win the fourth saints end, first win of the season.
Game at first beginning, Boris like played chicken blood fighter, like waving sharp kill device through the opponent's heart. At record breaking win of course is the most important reason, but there is a behind to Boris the unforgettable memory, perhaps he especially try very hard to of reason. In 2001, from purdue university of Bristol is the San Diego chargers in the draft of the second round of selected, although have very glorious university career NCAAF, but his draft a serious decline in sequence, the main reason is the NFL team is worried about his short stature 6 feet about 1.83), think he arm strength lack, and have a scout says he in college success because there is a tailor for his tactical system
Bristol in great misgivings about the road, in on November 4, 2001, in Bristol career debut, the game is against Kansas city chiefs. Then, in the 2002 season in summer camp beat the word - flute put into the team's starting lineup quarterback, and in all 16 of the regular season game are starting to play, the team to eight wins and negative results. In the disappointing after the beginning of 2003, he again to the eph flute replaced, but the saints lucky got a first sign
In 2012, Boris choose once again and the saints contract, contract to a suddenly tongue five years 100 million us dollars, and margin is reached in the history of NFL record $60 million, of which the first years of the contract will pay $40 million, now successful Boris face once shame on his lightning, kill to be jealous is reasonable, continuous and games have pass of array is a ZhenGuShuoJin achievement, but it certainly is not the end of Bristol, first with the saints contrarian rally, the playoffs is his next goal, beat lightning team can be the turning point?

Monday, March 11, 2013

For the super bowl tickets

In the past ten years, with two heads: competition for the division, the super bowl tickets, and MVP honor, although the competition is intense, but they present is the friend, appreciate each other, this kind of competition atmosphere on, just have different. Leave effect years of pony, 36 years old peyton no longer have the "golden partner" reggie Wayne or MaErWen - harrison's support, but he has stood in the top league, he used sharp pass constantly threatens the patriot, and again won the first attack, three times help teammates touchdown. His hot state is can't help remembering the 2006 season al final, in 3 ratio and backward adverse circumstance, manning led to pony reverse than 34 and beat the patriot, that one is manning the first super bowl championship season. Although brady is still covered with patriot shirt, but tonight's confrontation but he will core stage to run front Steven was in, and patriot is relying on the pavement, surprise attack and kay into, don't do top leading role is brady willing choice, he, 35, since 2004 can not win the super bowl champion, since have him later, patriot will put the team's main attack means lock for passing, and it also become a patriot easy to rival the important reasons for preventing death. This is the brady in face-to-face confrontation, 9 times beat manning, but always record of nine victories, four negative, but brady does not agree with this kind of comparison, "this is a patriot and mustangs game." Interestingly, manning refused to such contrast, "it's hard to compare with the past game," although it is top quarterback of the confrontation, this is another taste, and the different before 12 times. As long as they are in the same league play, similar competition will also continue, endless.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

NFL2012 season ended the last battle for 6 weeks

NFL2012 season ended last week 6 a race, the road in the first half of the Denver broncos 0 - and the backward situation in the second half dozen the San Diego chargers a 35-0, completed the incredible super big reversal. Peyton Manning contribution in the second half to three array passing, TonyCarter and Chris Harris use Philip - rivers mistake each completed a back to the attack of array. Manning half 14 times pass 13 times completed, promote the 167 code. Broncos to 3-3 record and lightning team coordinate al west row in the first.
Rivers the game four copied section, which happened three times in the fourth quarter, in addition, he has two time lost ball, 4 times to be escape kill. The final nine seconds manning 21 code of array pass help broncos in the game for the first time in the lead, Harris in the game with two points 5 seconds when the copy cut back to the attack of array thoroughly help broncos lock the game victory, this is he of the game the second copy section.
Manning the thirty times pass 24 times completed, promote the 309 code, there is one copied section. Rivers and time pass 25 times completed, promote the 242 code. Lightning team star tight end Antonio gates has a good performance in the first half, contributed two touchdowns, but in the second half as rivers by opposition limitation, nor did he get more opportunity to perform. 24-point turn the tables is NFL history reverse away the biggest points difference, but also on Monday night in the history of the largest reversal.

Friday, March 8, 2013

  Robert griffin iii in the field of vision scope, during the break, card DaiShan began to ask me about some of the things that griffin."

In the end of this season, card DaiShan watched "30 Rock" (by NBC make). She was watching the show to see the 22-year-old Robert griffin iii, and the have a strong interest in, when she and a man named "di people together to watch," card DaiShan sat beside me, "" dean said," Robert griffin iii in the field of vision scope, during the break, card DaiShan began to ask me about some of the things that griffin."
Now he is a football player? I think he is good. "Card DaiShan asked." he is a star of the future, in the second sequence is NFL team selected. "" di gave answer. Soon card DaiShan and throw the rest of the question," what is a team? "Knowing that Washington's red one team, card DaiShanCai stopped asking questions, it seems that she to Robert griffin iii interest is very high. But Washington red one team fans soon warning card DaiShan:" please stay away from Robert griffin iii a bit further, he's a very good young man. "
Robert griffin iii only court for a quarterback. In this year's NBA draft NFL, Washington red one team in the first round of the second sequence is selected, the NFL star of the future. There was a lot of teams, hope in the NBA draft pick to have won the heisman cup Robert griffin iii. Griffin is NCAA history the most personal damage quarterback, one of the charm, griffin has how old, look at his shirt sales will know that, though the rookie shirt on April 26, began to sales. But in May, griffin kit was all the players sell best. Griffin also beat this year's no. 1 pick Andrew le grams, Andrew le grams of jersey sales in May the fourth row

Thursday, March 7, 2013

NFL external member want to change the name of the shirt or back number, will find that you have to pay a lot of money

NFL external member want to change the name of the shirt or back number, will find that you have to pay a lot of money. Not only Cincinnati Bengal tiger team external member Johnson want to name to the QiaoXinKe (Ocho Cinco, Spanish means eighty-five), Oakland raiders team potter last year trying to change jersey number, also found that have to pay to just go.
Potter original plan to put your jersey number from eighty-four to eighty-one, and later learned that it may cost about $two hundred and ten thousand; NFL rules, players must repay designated sponsor reeboks printed shirt cost, if the players want to change the name of the shirt or make a back number, all printed shirt have to scrap. Potter was said: "oh, that money can buy several car I like good car." NFL YiLuo spokesman said, the popularity of the popular players, change the name on the shirt or back, cost is more expensive.
Until today, Johnson jersey problem is still not solved, Johnson seven days to participate in this season opener, is still in formerly known as shirt. The Bengal tiger star players don't want to talk about it yesterday.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


2011-12 NBA season for labor agreement caused a degree of shrink, the two sides for 300 million income attributive and multiple let negotiations were suspended, and finally the result of the negotiation and it's difficult to tell which side won the victory. The boss said the boss won, players said players won. NBA commissioner David stern said small market team will be the biggest beneficiaries of the new season. Unless the charlotte bobcats and the Portland trail blazers provided into the final word, I will believe him. This weekend will have NFL super bowl, I hope stern and his successor pay more attention to the super bowl, because the super bowl has never had a lack of audience, the past a month for the super bowl to do a very good bedding. So the super bowl to attract anyone, NFL never worry about super bowl be attention in the super bowl, on the stage of everything could happen, this is the super bowl fascinating reasons. If the NBA's management is not hard-core only work behind closed doors, so they have to to the world's most outstanding major league learning. NFL 32 teams are established on the basis of equality, each other are unusually fierce in competition, so any team promotion for the super team process will be very beautiful. Take this year's Baltimore ravens and San Francisco 49 people, each partition is only 6 regardless of the strength of the two playoff team, regular season record 10-6 negative crow in the underachieving cases into the super bowl, as if the defending champions last year the New York giants (9-7 negative) of the same track. This kind of situation seems to be only in the NCAA basketball league "crazy march" will happen, so any construct reasonable team in climate favourable geographical position and conditions to the super bowl of may. Of course if look from another Angle, then you will find two wins and negative Kansas city chiefs look no hope, but you just before the start of next season, constructing reasonable complete draft by spectrum management, then find a good coach of words, the emirates completely can be in 1 to 3 years to return to elite. The emirates future still have become the big teams may be, but you think the bobcats will become a championship? Perhaps NBA will tell you, the past five seasons with 4 different only team to a championship. And 2008 years of the Orlando magic and 2012 season Oklahoma Seattle is the best example, yeah, don't know how many years saved character can choose to Dwight - Howard and Kevin durant this world out of Washington. The 2007 finals two decreasing lebron James and Tim Duncan rivalry is discussed in the NBA finals to only two road optional, either in the free agent market composition "X giant" invincible team, either in the draft lottery in like choose to James, durant this player.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Designer purses in a realistic priceBesides diamonds

What if you may get yourself a gucci bagsgucci bags in a sensible price tag? This weekend, the Brownsville Literary Heart is going to be web hosting a purse sale bonus for their corporation. Amy Tygrett crammed us in on this steal you could be described as a piece of and wander away along with the hottest bag. It's going to be held on Saturday, Nov. 17 from nine a.m. to 11 a.m. at 245 E. Levee Road in Brownsville. There'll be described as a $2 admission charge, that admission features a door prize ticket for any distinctive drawing. Gucci Belts
Gucci Belts If you'd like to get the gucci purse showcased on Action 4 Sunrise, it will probably be raffled off and all you must purchase your opportunity to gain $20! Krishan Agarwal, 35, one of the leading impartial on-line luxury merchandise shops in the U.S., U.K. and Canada with around one.eight million one of a kind consumers and 200,000 Facebook fanatics. Initially producing as being a hobby, Krishan single-handedly grew the company to in excess of fifty full-time workforce, opened offices in four international locations, and surpassed great road blocks over the next worst economic climate in record to expand revenues to about $10 million in the company’s first 3 decades in existence.